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What is a Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is the process of recovering vital business IT infrastructure in the event of an unexpected event. The event could be anything from physical damage caused by fire or water, to power outages and software viruses.

Recovering data after the fact is extremely difficult without a previously established “Disaster Recovery Plan” in place.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a document that outlines the procedures to follow in the event that all or part of your business network is compromised. Although the disaster itself may be unavoidable, the DRP aims to minimize loss and downtime as a result of the event.

Before drafting a DRP, an individualized risk analysis is conducted to determine strengths and vulnerabilities, and objectives (such as how long after a disaster the system must be running again). All disasters - plausible and implausible - are considered and rated. Those that the analysis deems relevant are plugged into the plan to determine the possible effects. It is essential that the DRP is a live document: its robustness must be regularly tested, and modifications must be made based on the results of those tests.

Designing a DRP

Designing a DRP can be a long and involved process. Setanta Solutions offers full service DRP solutions: we will assess and document your risk, design solutions, write the plan, conduct meaningful test exercises, manage your resources and train your personnel. A properly designed DRP can protect your assets and prevent expensive recovery procedures - an improperly designed DRP gives a false sense of security. Let us help ensure your DRP is doing its job.