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What are managed services?

Managed services is the proactive day-to-day management of an IT network on behalf of a customer. A managed service provider (MSP) is essentially an outsourced IT department; The customer can select which aspects of their network they want to relinquish to the MSP. An MSP offers a predictable billing model, so the customer can accurately forecast their IT costs.

When to use a managed service provider

You have adopted a full cloud solution and do not have any major IT infrastructure on your premises. You may still have switches, firewalls, routers, desktops, laptops  and other equipment.

You have a hybrid solution with some traditional servers, switches, phones and desktops, and laptop. Some hardware and software are being delivered as a cloud service.

You have all your services based in-house, with no cloud services.

Whichever scenario your business is in, if you require proactive IT support with predictable billing: managed services is right for you. Even if you have IT staff, a MSP can help support them, and fill in any gaps in service to ensure you are completely covered. Contact us to find out which “peace of mind” service package suits your business.