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Education and Training Solutions:

Setanta Solutions Inc., and our partners in education; International Enterprise Partners Canada (Training) INC, and
SureSkills Canada Inc., bring together 20 years of training design and delivery experience.

Collectively our training experience and competencies range from  having trained aviators, master mariners and multinational crews for Carnival and Holland America Cruise Lines as well as thousands of offshore oil industry personnel in everything from disaster training and onboard crisis management to Offshore survival, helicopter underwater escape and Microsoft Office® solutions. We are expert in learning process outsourcing (LPO) and provide a wide range of Training & Certification, IT consultancy & Education services.

Regardless of project size and whether you are implementing new processes, hardware and or software solutions, it is never easy. Unrequited expectations often mutate and quickly drain valuable resources. 

Diligent project management, is in and of itself, only part of the solution. Understanding and keeping all dependencies (both hard and soft) in the “cross hairs”, is the “sweet spot”. We are expert at employing agile processes, managing and controlling content, development and the chaos of conflicting interests with education and training tools.

Setanta Solutions believes that on the user side, the single most significant limiting factor to operational success, is not one thing, but a compendium of things; knowledge (understanding the objective at all levels), training (user ability to choose the right tools and being expert in their use), and technical competency (ease of use, speed, accuracy and agility). This is the real challenge when developing and deploying a modern and relevant, end to end learning solution. 

Through the strengths of our partnerships with IEP, Microsoft and SureSkills, we can quickly provide a very sophisticated and specifically targeted L&D (learning and development), solution.

These range in complexity from simple skills growth management to very sophisticated services and solutions.

At one end competency based training is provided which offers; Microsoft Office proficiency training and testing to employers, sponsored nominees and private individuals wishing to refresh and renew their professional skills. 

At the other end consulting services and development teams offer integrated and unified content strategies to support your company’s internal and external needs. We design, develop and produce Learning paths and on-boarding transition plans for new product launches (internal and external), and for mergers and acquisitions.

These strategies and the deliverables can scale from single projects to entire programs, and managed development for multiple interrelated products, services & solutions.  At Setanta our objective, is always, to produce a superior end user experience that meets the highest expectation of the client.